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astryid wrote in sanfranfatties

I was curious if anyone is interested in going thrifting? I have a minor addiction and would love to check out more places in the Bay Area - but it is definitely more fun with someone else.

I realize with the holidays quickly approaching that this might be hard to organize before the new year, but maybe after? My schedule is pretty flexible.

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i'm down... this Sunday even :p

That would work for me!

(Deleted comment)
I'm actually in the East Bay (Pleasant Hill). I've been meaning to check out the thrift shops around Powell, but haven't made it there yet.

so down! I have a weird work schedule and tuesdays are usually my go-to day to get stuff done. this post is pretty funny because in your most recent ootd I was like "what a rad skirt she thrifted!" :)

This is my last week at work until January. Maybe we could meet up on the 8th?

possibly! I have a holiday party that day in the evening, but I'll think about it.

You caught my attention. I'm very broke, but laughs,smiles and brainstorms for future purchases are free, right?

I can sympathize with that (college student budget of awesome). I think the fun and company would be worth the outing regardless!

We live super close to each other! That is so awesome. I'd love to go thrifting sometime, or whatever else. It would be amazing to have a fat shopping buddy :)

Fantastic! I'm going to PM you.

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