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There's a bake sale in San Francisco! Saturday, October 17th, from 11am-4pm outside Ike's Place. 3506 16th St, San Francisco.

The proceeds will go to the Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue. Everything will be delicious and vegan! It's growing, too-- I just heard there's going to be caramel apples! Plus cannoli! I think I might bring my own box and buy a few dozen items for myself. ;)

But seriously, if you're in the area, you should come check it out. I'm bringing cupcakes! (Which pale in comparison to the possibility of cannoli and caramel apples. heh.)

It is amazing to find this community.  It is so easy to feel like a pariah is San Francisco, one of the thinnest, most tragically hip places in the country.  I hope to get to meet some of you in person some day.

Upcoming Big Moves Bay Area events/Phat Fly Girls performances
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Big Moves Bay Area is in the middle of a busy season and we have classes, events, and lots of Fly Girl performances for you to enjoy. If you can only go to one of these events please come to the Chocolate Tasting and buy your tickets in advance! If you haven't seen the Fly Girls in a while, this would be a good chance to see all the seriously cool things we are doing.

A Taste for Dance: Halloween Edition
Chocolate Tasting and Performance Showcase

Saturday, October 17th
Doors at 7:30, Show at 8:00
Humanist Hall
(Please note that this is a new venue for this event!)
390 27th Street (Between Broadway and Telegraph - NOT 27th Avenue!) Oakland, CA
$20 at the door, $15 in advance or if you come in costume.
Advance tickets available at

Click here for full Chocolate Tasting information as well as for information about classes and other Fly Girl performances. Plus, a bonus pic of the Fly GirlsCollapse )

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Best consignment/used store for plus clothes & sales?
Hi there,

I brought two boxes of clothes with me to SF that I planned on selling (either on fatshionista or otherwise). I wondered what stores (i.e. Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads Trading Co) were best for plus sized clothes or if there was a plus-size specific store I should take these too. I have a range of stuff from plain tees to a really nice size 14 suit with tags, so I was hoping to get some money/trade value for them.

Normally, I would go the altruistic route and donate them but I moved here for a PhD program and loan money doesn't come until the end of September. :/

Thoughts? Experiences?


Plus-Size Clothing and Bake Sale: August 9th in Oakland (and we need your clothes!!)
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Big Moves Bay Area and friends of NOLOSE present:

Cupcakes and Muffintops
A size-positive, gender inclusive Fat Clothing Flea and Bake Sale where only the prices are small!
Sunday, August 9th, 2009 12-4 PM
Humanist Hall
390 27th St. Oakland, CA

Clothes sizes L and up, up, up! Butch, femme, men's, women's... and tasty treats, too!
Clothes $2-$7/per item. $5 door fee (applicable toward any clothing purchase).
All proceeds to benefit Big Moves Bay Area and NOLOSE

We still need clothing donations! Click here to learn how to donateCollapse )

New Community: Pretty Plump

Hello! Sorry if this post is not appropriate for this community; just let me know and I'll remove it. I've just made a new community dedicated to plus-size beauty, in which I will post daily picture sets of pretty plus-size women. If anyone is interested, please join and post beautiful pictures/art of plus-size women. You can post photos of yourself, loved ones, or your favorite plus-size models, actresses, singers, etc.!


So please check it out! Thanks for reading!

my intro!
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So I made a little mini-intro with the welcome post but I figured I'd join the crowd and do a real post.

I'm new to the bay area (we arrived on May 30), prior to that I lived in Michigan for 5 years, Nebraska for 1 year, and flipflopped between Connecticut and New Hampshire in the years prior to that. We're currently living in East Bay.

I'm 31 years old and have been trying to love me for me for the last 5 years or so, when I met my closest friend, a classy and gorgeous fat-activist fatty. I'm 5'3" and death fat, about a size 24. I consider myself a kinky queer girl, and I'm married to an amazing man, davidmn. We were married a year ago in Vegas by Elvis on the bridge of the Enterprise. It was seriously awesome and fun.

I'm a chemist by trade and schooling, although I also have a degree in forensic science. I'm close to a master's degree in a tailored program for science education in the general public. I'm not currently working for health reasons. I have chronic back pain because of a couple different conditions, and fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome. It's been a little tough coming to terms with being fat *and* disabled, but I'm working on it.

I don't want children, but have a fantastic cat I love to pieces. :)

I never had much luck getting involved in the fat community in Michigan, but now that I'm in a city that's easier to get around and with just a larger (no puns!) population of openminded people, I'm hoping to become involved here. It helps that there's better public transit, and more things to *do*.

I look forward to getting to know you and hope we can arrange get-togethers too!

David Bowie
Hi all! I'm so ecstatic for this group, and hope we get pretty active!

My name is Bernadette, I'm 25 and live in San Francisco. Originally from Louisiana but have been in the city for four years. I also work as a shift supervisor for a Union Square Starbucks, as an editor at a local music mag, and perform as a burlesque dancer under the name Kitty Von Quim. I perform as a solo dancer and with the troupe Rubenesque Burlesque.

I am married to a fabulous girl. We're both vegan. I heart cooking and crafting, and am always up for meeting new people!

hey neighbors!
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My name is Allison, I'm 22, and I'm a recent college grad from UC Santa Cruz. I live with my boyfriend (3 years in August!!!) in SOMA near Yerba Buena gardens. My current obsessions include white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and dreaming about my upcoming cruise. Let's make this group great! Hopefully we can do clothing swaps and all that fun stuff. :)

Hello soon-to-be-neighbooring fatties!

I'm Natalie and I'm moving out to SF (city itself, near the inner sunset/UCSF area) in a few weeks at the end of July to start a PhD program in medical sociology at UCSF. I'm happily partnered to a newly graduated librarian dude and he'll be moving out with me as well. I'm a recent convert to fat/size acceptance and am still in what promises to be a long process of getting out of the Weight Watchers/but I used to be a size 12 mindset I've been in for a while.

I'm happy to see all these lovely people that have responded to the original fatshionista post by br0ken_dolly and even more excited about having some great resources in the area to help me along my journey.

Other random info: age 25, dog lover (although ours is staying w/ his grandma while we live in student housing this year), interested in sex research/sex positivity, work for the Kinsey Institute, have recently fallen in love with strength training (hence the icon), and have a mild obsession with all things bread related.

Are we doing stats/outfits/whatever? I know this isn't a fashion community so maybe not outfits and perhaps stats don't matter unless we're looking to swap clothes or something.


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