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This Saturday!
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br0ken_dolly wrote in sanfranfatties

sf_vegan_bakesale_v4, originally uploaded by jennifermf.

There's a bake sale in San Francisco! Saturday, October 17th, from 11am-4pm outside Ike's Place. 3506 16th St, San Francisco.

The proceeds will go to the Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue. Everything will be delicious and vegan! It's growing, too-- I just heard there's going to be caramel apples! Plus cannoli! I think I might bring my own box and buy a few dozen items for myself. ;)

But seriously, if you're in the area, you should come check it out. I'm bringing cupcakes! (Which pale in comparison to the possibility of cannoli and caramel apples. heh.)

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Don't suppose you'd know if there's going to be gluten-free goodies?

yes! there will be! i don't know who is making them, but according to the flier and the emails i've gotten there will be gluten-free options!

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you know, i'm new to the area myself, but you should make a post to this community asking and seeing what people have to say! i'd love to know what's going on! my husband's birthday is on halloween and we're not sure what to do.

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