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Free clothes!
losertracer wrote in sanfranfatties
I'm moving to a new apartment and I'm gonna get rid of some clothing! I don't have time to take pictures right this second, but it's mostly going to be:

-shirts/blouses in XXL-3X
-jeans/pants in 20-24
-a torrid jacket in a 4x (fits me at a 44DDD, 22/24)
-some random shoes in size 11

I was going to sell this stuff on Fatshionista, but I'm too lazy and I'd rather gift clothes to people who want/need them. I currently live in SOMA near SFMOMA, and if you're interested we can meet somewhere or I can mail clothes to you (if you want to pay shipping on Paypal). Yay!

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Hey! I actually live in SOMA. I'm always down for some free clothes. Will e-mail you my number.

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