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Free clothes!
losertracer wrote in sanfranfatties
I'm moving to a new apartment and I'm gonna get rid of some clothing! I don't have time to take pictures right this second, but it's mostly going to be:

-shirts/blouses in XXL-3X
-jeans/pants in 20-24
-a torrid jacket in a 4x (fits me at a 44DDD, 22/24)
-some random shoes in size 11

I was going to sell this stuff on Fatshionista, but I'm too lazy and I'd rather gift clothes to people who want/need them. I currently live in SOMA near SFMOMA, and if you're interested we can meet somewhere or I can mail clothes to you (if you want to pay shipping on Paypal). Yay!

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cupcakes and muffin tops

Hi there,
Bay Area Big Moves is collecting clothes for a plus-size clothing swap this summer. All the proceeds go to some sort of fatty-good cause, although I really couldn't tell you the details.
I couldn't find the clothing swap announcement in here, but I'm on their email list and got an email about it last week. If you wanted to donate your clothes to them, I'm sure they would appreciate it.

Re: cupcakes and muffin tops

Oh sweet! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks! :)

Re: cupcakes and muffin tops

Oh! Another cupcakes and muffin tops? I can't wait! Not sure if I'm on their list. Loved it last year.

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